ISO's and Brokers


Broker Commissions

Earn $99 for every single Merchant Listing!!! 

Get paid for your hard work no matter what happens. Once a Merchant list with Anonymous funding and pays the listing fee, you will receive $99 immediately. You deserve to make something for your work even if the deal does not fund initially.

The good news is you will be able to keep this money, and your Merchant Financial Situation may change for the better. Your current unfundable merchant may start to receive FRESH bids as new banking statements come in monthly. We are on it for you and we guarantee you will get commissions for the entire duration of the listing the Merchant has chosen. The longer the duration the better off your client will be if they have weak numbers and the better off you will be as their financial situation improves which can usually take a few months.

It is a Win-Win situation instead of giving up your hard work to the unknown and you get nothing down the road.

The commission schedule rate is currently set at 5% default commission. If you introduce the client with the default commission of 5%, then commission is payable to your firm at 100% payout or in its entirety. Your Broker or ISO shall explain the process to the customer and answer any question they may have, which saves us time and money. Any customer introduced must list the brokers names and approved firm for any commission to be payable. Firms that have approval from Anonymous Funding may participate in commissions. Therefore, if you know your customer, you may be able to negotiate a larger commission for your service provided. Just remember, commissions other than 5% requires written approval before it is listed and disclosed to our other funders. After all, it is the funders’ that will pay the non-refundable commission(s) directly to the introducing broker or ISO - Independent Sales Office. Commission are non-refundable up to the 5% level and are payable in Full at signing of contract. We want to make this amount fair for both parties. Remember commission can be much higher depending upon the circumstances. In the case where there is no broker, Anonymous Funding will assign one. 

You may seek approvals for harder to fund deals whereas a higher commission is warranted. Remember, the Merchant must accept and confirm the offer details first without knowing who the funder(s) are. This is binding Contract. Merchants and or Funders who back out of a contract shall be removed from Anonymous Funding on a case-by-case basis.

Brokers and ISO have everything to gain along with your Merchant customer. No matter what the financial condition of the Merchant is, there is a funder somewhere looking for yield, and maybe take a chance on your unfundable account even if it is a lessor amount. The Merchants, the Funders, the Brokers, and ISO have everything to gain!