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The Future Of Funding

Becoming a Funder is easy. You will need to have a Minimum of $10,000 to fund and a Tax ID to fund your first deal. A verification email will be sent to confirm your funding power ability.

Funders need to maintain verifiable Fundable Net Capital of Minimum of only $10,000 at all times per account(s). Your max offer will be equal to your current Fundable Amount. Since the lowest fundable amount we offer is currently $10,000 you will need to have a minimum of $10,000 plus 2.499% in Net Capital or $10,250 to start funding at the minimum level. If you have 25k you can only Bid up to 25K minus fee.

Due Diligence will be entirely up to your company. You may collaborate with other companies who specifically do this kind of the research. We make no representations or warranties as to the viability of a Merchants ability to pay funds.

The commission schedule rate is currently set at 5% default commission. All Funders shall pay default 5% commission. If you introduce the client with the default commission of 5%, then commission is payable to your firm at 100% payout or in its entirety. Your Broker or ISO shall explain the process to the customer and answer any question they may have, which saves us time and money. Any customer introduced must list the brokers names and approved firm for any commission to be payable. Firms that have approval from Anonymous Funding may participate in commissions. Therefore, if you know your customer, you may be able to negotiate a larger commission for your service provided. Just remember, commissions other than 5% requires written approval before it is listed and disclosed to our other funders. After all, it is the funders’ that will pay the non-refundable commission(s) directly to the introducing broker or ISO - Independent Sales Office. Commission are non refundable up to the 5% level and are payable in Full at signing of contract. We want to make this amount fair for both parties. Remember commission can be much higher depending upon the circumstances. In the case where there is no broker one will be assigned by Anonymous Funding.

We are using the 5% commission as a guide not a rule. Therefore, you may seek approvals for harder to fund deals whereas a higher commission is warranted. Remember, the Merchant must accept and confirm the offer details first without knowing who the funder(s) are. This binding Contract. Merchants and or Funders who back out of a contract shall be removed from Anonymous Funding on a case-by-case basis.

Funders Must Call 646-666-3947 to setup an account 9am to 5pm EST or use the Funder Request contact form below.

Funder Request Form