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When you first apply online, you answer some basic questions about your companies Financial Health and current company Obligations. You will then select the listing duration for your funding requirements. Maybe you might need funding one time, or multiple times per year. We offer 1 Month listing, 3 Month listing, or once a year if you know you will need funding later on. This listing duration exposes your company to multiple Funders and offers. Funders who are looking to finance your business. This process is designed so that you save time and money! Our staff will save you time and money by doing all the paperwork masking. Funders will only see numbers about your company and merchants will only see offers and amounts. Funders that do not have the millions of dollars to burn in advertising seeking customers may benefit the most. More competition equals a better deal for your company. Each Funder will have to submit their lowest rates in order to be competitive. Once you agree to the offer(s), you then will be given a contract and Funded by the winning lender(s) after their verification process.

Minimum documents are required before your company is listed. You will have to email your last 4 months Banking Statements, 4 Month merchant Processing Statements, A Voided Copy of a Business Check, and a current Driver’s License to get started.  We will then send you an email for confirmation of banking info. Additional documents may be required depending on the amount you are seeking, and or the lenders requirements. You will then pay by Check by Phone or ACH Debit for your listing upon receipt of your company documents. Your listing will appear the following day. 

When lender(s) expresses interest in funding your company, they will make an obligation to Anonymous Funding. We will then relay electronically to the Merchant only the offer terms and amount(s). When Merchant(s) expresses interest in receiving these particular funding offers, they will also make an obligation to Anonymous Funding. If acceptable to the merchant, the Funder(s) agree to a shared in whole or part 2.499% nonrefundable ACH Fee upfront of the amount requested in funding by the Merchant. When you need funds, it takes dedicated people who work hard to get you funded. We’ll make sure you get funded and your Introducing Rep compensated. The Customer or Merchant has the option to go with another lender IF the original agreement is not executed and funds are not received into the merchants account within 14 days. This is usually enough time for due diligence, and should suffice for 99% of the lenders. Once your original request for funding is completed, you may still receive offers but Funders cannot proceed until 30 days before the agreement ends with the original funding. This eliminates many weak funders who are in declining financial position and or cannot or won't fund you but just want your data to sell elsewhere. We can even help Bloated Funders who’s cost per client exceed a small nations GDP. At Anonymous funding, our goal is to get you offers quickly then get your company funded hassle free. No more headaches of multiple phone calls from others so called lenders, Shopping your Company everywhere. Only Financially Responsible Funders who are committed to putting up their capital to fund you will have access. Additionally, you’ll will know exactly what your rate(s) will be before you even accept offer(s) without your Personal information floating around, putting an end to phony teaser rates or phony website approval rates. Problems Solved!